When you find the book keeping capacity is too inferior to hire an accountant we help you to organize the book keeping according to your wishes. Using the accounting service you will save in expenses for accountant salaries, also the costs for the special software. 
Accounting service can be ordered for month or year as well as for certain reports according to client’s wishes and needs.

Price list


All prices in Euros (VAT 20% will be added)
Accounting service ordered for 1 month includes:
verification of documents and entering into database
monthly financial reports, ledger, balance sheet etc.
VAT and tax statements
accounting of salaries (max. 5 employees)
representing in Tax and Customs Board (if needed)

Monthly price

Entries per month EUR
- max. 50 100
- max. 100 120
- max. 150 155
- max. 200 195
- over 200 agreed price

Additional services:

- entering accounting data for starting company 75
- annual report for customer 100
- annual report as one-time work agreed price
- Tax consultancy 1 hour 85
- compiling the internal rules 30
- statistical reports 8
- accounting salaries (from 6th employee) 8
- personal records (1 employee) 8
- compiling the business trip report 8
- compiling the invoice 1
- payment 1
- income statement, cost benefit analysis etc. agreed price
- accounting basic assets, stock agreed price

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